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Rental Price: $150.00

Propane Gas Griddle 6'

SOLID CONSTRUCTION: This 6' Portable Griddle features a 1/4" thick steel griddle surface welded to a one-piece frame. This strong, light-weight design protects our griddles from damage and makes them easy to store, easy to transport and easy to set-up.

HIGH COOKING CAPACITY: The griddle frame houses a versatile food warming area and individually controlled 30,000 BTU low pressure burners. The 4" high side and back lips are an exclusive. You can work fast without spilling the food being prepared.  This griddle has 1728 square inches of surface area providing the cooking capacity desired by all caterers.

MOBILE: These griddles are portable making it convenient for caterers and special events. 

Requires two 30 lb propane tanks which can also be ordered at time of rental.

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